Are you and your employees buried under piles of paper? Have those ugly steel file cabinets started overtaking your productive workspace?  Are you wasting precious time trying to find a specific documentthat was misfiled or worse… lost?

If you opened a window right now, would people scramble for paperweights?

Why Document Management?

 Then you need document management software to start transforming your paper documents into electronic files that can be processed, stored, and shared quickly, easily and affordably.  With the myriad of challenges faced by small- and medium-sized companies today, investing in a professional document management solution is a business imperative not just to success, but future sustainability.Document Management Software, business, paperless

Document management software systems allow you to scan, store, file and retrieve digital copies of your paper files in virtually the blink of an eye.  Files are indexed however you decide and are searchable in just a few keystrokes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a standard feature in most document management solutions and built into Docunet.

There are several advantages of using a document management system.  Efficiency gains in time and money are first and foremost, since documents will never be lost or misfiled again.  Files can be located, processed, and re-filed instantaneously directly from a PC, eliminating the time-wasting effort of manual paper filing. Documents that are stored and shared electronically are more secure, yet easily accessed by any authorized user on your LAN, which greatly improves and expedites collaboration. 

Cost Savings

You’ll also save money with document management software because you no longer need to purchase reams of paper; house unsightly files cabinets (which take up expensive office space); or incur the cost and inconvenience of off-site storage. 

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