Times have changed. We have come a long way from the day of storing and destroying mountains of hard copy paper, although tons of paper and microfiche archives do still exist today. However, the emphasis now is on creating more of a “green” approach, so the focus has turned to digital. Many modern document management software programs have thus opted to not only keep in lockstep with converting as much as possible to digital, but to also create the most efficient features for their software. Products like Docunet have grown enormously because of the advantages they bring to the market. We have outlined some of these benefits below.

Highly Customizable Application with Great Flexibility

Docunet is an industry-leading document management software that was created to be highly customizable. This gives any company that leverages it features with a lot of flexibility to tailor the program to its size, industry or specific needs. From creating a very individualized taxonomy to expanding its capacity for cabinets, drawers and folders, Docunet gives small to large organizations a robust set of features that go unchallenged by most other document management software companies. 

Fully Integrated with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks

Another highly valued feature of document management software like DocuXplorer is its integration with existing software such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. What does this really mean in layman terms? It means that you don’t need to go into Microsoft Office and print a document out for it to be placed in a physical file and assigned a location. It also means that you can save a PDF version directly fromMicrosoft Office or QuickBooks and that record then becomes a digitized soft copy record which can then be saved. This cuts down on paper and printer costs, and also on storage and destruction costs as well.

Advanced Print Driver Allows for the Saving of Emails

One of the most common, critical documents that companies must save are e-mails. These documents far outweigh others because people tend to use them as a substitute for conversation. Thus, a company can be looking at millions of e-mails that require storage. Document management software, like Docunet, allows you to print these documents into a digital version, thus doing away with the need for a printed copy. This particular feature can also save a company a lot of money over the long term. With Docunet, you can also save an email directly into our software from Microsoft Outlook.

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