Quality control is one of the most involved business processes imaginable. A single product may generate thousands of pages of information and improving it and maintaining existing quality features may be a very long-term process. Document management software created by content experts who understand how businesses work can make a big difference here.

Tracking Changes and Audit Trail

One of the hardest things about quality control is keeping track of when an issue has been resolved. Document management software allows you to see when files have beenupdated. This eliminate situations involving people working on a problem that has already been solved, but being unaware of it because the file has not been updated or they were unaware that it had been updated. Communication is a huge part of quality control and document management software improves communication tremendously.

Compliance with Electronic Document Security Requirements

If your business is subject to ISO standards, HIPPA regulations or other regulations, document management software can ensure that you remain in compliance. The companies that produce high-quality software for managing documents ensure that you have all of the tools that you need to keep yourself in compliance with security regulations, accountability regulations and so forth. If you're in the financial industry, for instance, you have to be certain that you are in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxleywere ensuring that your documents cannot be altered is concerned. Document management software provides you a way to figure out whether somebody has tried to alter a document, to lock people out from doing so altogether and to track when the document has been opened, even if it hasn't been altered.

Document management software can also take information from different departments and consolidate them. For instance, if somebody's been calling in to the complaint department with an issue with a product, that can instantly be associated with quality control for that product and the right people will see that new information in the file. Again, this streamlines business processes by streamlining communications.

Document management software can play an important role in ensuring that your business is operating up to standards set by regulatory agencies and by standards set by your own commitment to excellence. Adding the software to your available tools can tremendously enhance what your business is able to do for your clients and can ensure that, if something does go wrong, all of the information relevant to the product, what went wrong and what needs to be done about it can be accessed easily, reliably and instantly.

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