The field of law is one of those industries that is greatly dependent on testimony, but even more dependent on its stored collection of information, which is often predominately in the following forms: hard copy documents, digital media, and microfiche. Keeping abreast of all of this information can be daunting especially in the harried atmosphere of a busy law firm. Document management software like Docunet helps keep law firms organized in the midst of all the ensuing craziness that requires immediate access to important files in order to move information to its appropriate venue at a moment’s notice.

Allows Lawyers to Create an Efficient Reference Library from their Documents

In the course of a day, lawyers require quick and efficient access to any number of past case files in order to work on present ones. When important case files are completed, files are reviewed with the attorney, and any important details of the case are noted. If a case has produced particular documents that may serve as templates for future similar cases then this is noted in the document management software on the case file. Having access to such templates helps a law firm run smoothly and efficiently as it greatly cuts down on the amount of time that its lawyers will have to spend on drawing up documents. Docunet helps to create the foundation for this reference library of templates. Through its use, important templates can be highlighted.

Allows the Firm to Track the Location of Important Documents

Lawyers have erratic days, and it happens quite often that at a moment’s notice they may require access to a particular set of documents. Where those documents are is quite important and document management software like Docunet helps you track the location of any inputted document that has been correctly categorized and checked out by a user. This kind of functionality in integrally important for law firms given that they can potentially have millions of documents in their storerooms and within that haystack there may be several that they need to locate at a moment’s notice.

Allows the Firm to Meet Critical Document Access and Retention Requirements

There are a number of access and retention requirements that law firms must meet when it comes to their documents. Courts, other legal entities, plaintiffs, clients, and their own staff are constantly clammering for access in order to meet the demands of their cases. Timeliness is critical, and files cannot be lost among other files or that could be disastrous. Document management software like Docunet helps law firms meet these access needs, and also to abide by retention schedules when it comes to documents going to offsite storage and/or being destroyed. Docunet helps law firms meet these rigorous, detailed schedules on a daily basis, relieving document management staff of the headache of trying to figure out what needs to be handled and when.

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