A human resources department in companies will rely highly on important documents that pertain to its employees. From initial employment contracts to information on health care and sick leave, it is vital that human resource departments have access to necessary paperwork at any given moment. In large companies this can prove to be a nightmare if particular filing systems are compromised. Utilizing document management software, like Docunet, can greatly assist in human resources functions.

Find Important Files Fast

With document management software, like Docunet, human resources departments can implement a tailored filing system that is easy for their employees to use, which will greatly help in human resources personnel finding important files fast. A customizable taxonomy gives an organization (or a particular department within an organization) great flexibility in creating a filing system that suits their specific needs. Customized drawers, folders and files help your company create a repeatable, learn-able system that mimics real life thus making your new system very easy to assimilate quickly.

Integration with Microsoft Office

The beauty of document management software, like Docunet, is that it also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. What does this mean? Basically, it means that you needn’t print out items that are in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Office. There is a print function instead, which allows each of these file types to be saved within Docunet, so a soft copy is retained, and a scan is no longer needed. Not only is this handier, but it makes doing work within this document management software that much more productive and time efficient.

Makes Storage Simpler, More Cost-Effective

Because of the ability to integrate with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, document management software like Docunet essentially creates a soft copy repository of your files. Thus, there is no longer a need for hard copy storage. You have reduced your need for storage considerably, and storage for soft copy data as compared to hard copy files is much cheaper, so you have also reaped a huge cost savings in this regard as well. By moving to document management software, the storing of your data no longer becomes a logistical nightmare of moving boxes from physical location to location before being designated for destruction. It becomes an easy to manage system of soft copy files that can be moved to servers that can be backed up and retained easily and much more affordably.

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