Document management software has become a critical tool in business. Companies of all sizes all over the world are heeding the call to have their information organized for better efficiency, utilization and access. Those businesses located in countries that speak English as a second language (or not at all), however, may find document management software in English to be cumbersome and not beneficial. Cumbersome can very quickly translate into counter-productive if enough workers are hindered by the language barrier. What should your company do?

Explore if your native tongue is available in document management software

Docunet is one of the few leaders in the document management arena that has introduced versions of their software in other languages. Versions in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Spanish are currently offered, and versions in German and other languages are currently underway. While many companies conduct business in English across their borders, regionally, many companies may utilize their own language. If a majority of your workforce speaks the country’s native tongue it may be worthwhile to utilize a non-English version. If you have English speaking offices, vendors, or other third parties who may need to either access your records, or be able to audit your records from time to time, then a non-English version may prove to be problematic.

Consider training your staff in another language of the software if your native tongue is not yet available

If document management software is not currently offered in your native tongue, then you may want to consider the English version, as most business people across the globe have a basic, if not working knowledge, of English which they have acquired through schooling. Document management software is by far one of the easiest applications to maneuver through and become accustomed to using as it’s simply an online sophisticated file drawer system with additional tracking functions.  

Leverage designated staff to run your document management software and tasks

If the above two options still don’t meet your organization’s needs, you may want to explore designating document management duties and Docunet access to particular individuals who also meet a particular language requirement and fluency level. This gives organizations a lot of flexibility in terms of the language that they can use, but also makes them very dependent upon the individuals who have been assigned these responsibilities. Nevertheless, it’s something to consider if your native tongue is not yet available in your current document management software.

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