Document management software, like Docunet, is incredibly convenient and helps to organize your business’ documents so that you can work more effectively and more efficiently. However, your software does require a certain amount of initial configuring. Understanding how to best configure your document management software is essential so that your business starts out on the right foot with regard to maximizing its features from day one. After all, how well you configure your software solution is one of the most critical steps to making the solution as effective as it can be. If you don’t take this time to properly configure this is truly a missed opportunity.

Organizing the order of your library

If you compare the proper configuration of your document management solution software to the organization of a large library, you will realize its importance. One must be able to properly categorize, sort and store documents using a particular system in order to ensure easy retrieval. The relation between documents must be clear as must the nature of the documents themselves. It sounds easy to classify documents until you are actually doing it. You will eventually come upon documents that are misnamed, or that may appear to be one type of document but are not. You may have documents categorized under two different types. Clarifying the order of your library comes with expertise and time. Enlisting the aid of consultants like those at Docunet can help.

Helping to determine your indexing and search criteria

Apart from configuring the overall organization of your document management software, you must also have a way to find what you are looking for. Docunet’s team of consultants can help derive the best indexing and search criteria so that your employees will find it easy to retrieve documents from a variety of methods. Finding what you need should be easy and fast if your system is used properly, and is set up with great care. This is why it is of great importance to invest the time and energy into your document management software at the onset.Best of all, Docunet provides three hours of upfront training so your setup is optimized and properly configured from day one.

Training your staff on keeping the system in place

Having a team of expert consultants to help configure your solution and search criteria, are just two benefits. Docunet consultants can also pitch in to help train your employees on how to use the system, how to maintain the hierarchy going forward, how to classify new documents in the future, and how to best utilize all of the system’s features.  

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