A company relies heavily on its documents but most companies do not have ample control over the organization of their documents. Typically, people at the more administrative levels are depended upon to file their documents in an intelligent manner. However, most filing systems are put together in a haphazard

manner according to the whims of its manyemployees. Some employees may be very diligent at constructing their files, while others may be very lax. Implementing document management software across an organization can easily help any business organize itself across departments meeting a very structured level of organization that will improve productivity greatly.

Do You Require Access to Critical Documents?

If your company is like most, it requires access to many of its documents on a regular basis. There may also be some documents that may be needed on an instantaneous basis for quotes, invoicing, answering vital questions, and for use with prospective clients. If your business is like this then implementing document management software, like Docunet, can help not only help you gain more swift access to critical documents, but allow individuals across different locations and different departments to access to documents as well. This has grown extremely important in today's world as people travel to different locations, and use the internet to connect more often than not.

Do You Find Your Storage Costs are Too High?

Many companies still have storage space set aside for their hard copy files. If your company has been around for at least ten years, chances are a majority of your stored files are in paper in some warehouse. The fees for these files may not seem big at the onset until you compare them to the fees for storage files as electronic data. Companies can save a lot of money by moving from hard copy files to online soft copy ones. Document management software, like Docunet, allows companies to more readily make this transition through its simple Print-Save function which eliminates the need for scanning e-mails, presentation, invoices and Word documents.

Would You Benefit from Entitling Users on a “Need to Know” Basis?

One of the prime benefits of document management software, like Docunet, is the ability to entitle users to access documents based on specific permissions. Companies needn’t worry about employees having access to confidential documents that should be limited to certain individuals only. Document management software can easily help an organization become more organized, but also more focused in how their documents are accessed.

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