Are you currently looking for a document management software package, but haven’t quite figured out what you really want or need? There are many packages out there, so we thought we would put together a short list of the top three things we think are a must:

Ease of Use

An essential feature of any document management software should be its ease of use. Software like Docunet actually was created to be simple for companies and their employees to use. It utilizes a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface which instantly comforts those who haven’t used it before, and helps trainees quickly learn their way around the system. The software also uses real world ordering of files – leveraging cabinets, drawers and folders to help employees replicate how they would normally file their documents. The movement of files is accomplished simply via a drag and drop function.

“We have actually just completed scanning in approximately 130 boxes of paper documents we've accumulated over the last few years. Our Docunet library is over 23 GB already. You really do have a very good product that is easy to use and understand!! - Jared Bradley


“This has been the easiest program that we have worked with!” - Debbie Stoner, Valley Regional Surgery Center      


Installation and Support

Technical support is probably one of the most undervalued features of any document management software provider. Users typically rely on them when they are strung out and in need of help, but technical support when provided as an ongoing top tier service really adds incredible value to a software product. At DocuXplorer, our product support goes well beyond just installation support, but installation support is one of those key, introductory steps which we feel is also critical. Thus, we apply great effort to make sure integration is seamless, efficient and painless for the client.

“The program works like a Swiss clock. Your installation support person was extraordinary.” -Ramon Lozada, Office of Pedro Morillo, MD


Functionality and Cost

Of course, functionality and cost are two factors that cannot be dismissed on any account. The better the functionality of your document management software, the easier your job will be to categorize, store and access your documents. The harder it is – the longer it will take, and the more frustrated staff will be, which will deter them from using your system efficiently or at all! Cost is what most managers are looking at, so software will need to be at a competitive price point. Docunet meets all of these criteria and more.

“After reviewing a few products, Docunet was selected for its functionality and cost. We received excellent support during installation and continue to receive that same level of support during each software upgrade.” - Karl Rice, Bird Precision Systems

“With over 380,000 documents on the system, we can find any vendor invoice back almost five years now in seconds.” - Rick Cordary, Trophies by Edco

“Nothing demonstrates the changes that Docunet has brought to our company more succinctly than the fact that we recently converted a portion of our file room into an office.” - Ed McKinnon, Claims Resource Management, Inc.


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